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How do I know what size my bed is?

How do I know what size my bed is? 1
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How do I know what size my bed is? 2

Before buying a bed, most people get worried about the size of the bed. So, whether you’re buying a new bed or whatever, but don’t know what size is right for you. Then only follow a few rules,
In the UK, the height of the bed and the mattress are assumed to be the same. So, until the normal measurement was selected. But note, the exact measurements of the bed frames can differ based on their form and design, which can also contribute to misunderstanding.

There are five sizes of typical beds:

1) Single Size Bed: Hostelers or people who live single most of the time prefer this sort of bed size.

2) Small Double Size Bed: These types of beds are the most common for those who have less space but want a better size than a single bed.

3) Double Size Bed: This bed is built for couples who live together who want a greater size than a small double bed.

4) King Size Bed: these beds are made for a family that has more space and needs to have a more comfortable sleep.

5) Super King Size Bed: This is the biggest bed and family members can sleep comfortably on this bed because it has more space than most beds.

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